Our orchards are strategically placed throughout the Okanagan Valley to maximize fruit yields throughout the year.

Growing fruit in the south and north ends of the Okanagan allows us to take full advantage of the growing season. Cherries prefer warm daytime temperatures and cold nighttime temperatures, so by keeping this and other geographical necessities in mind, we are able to produce cherries that are crunchy and firm with high sugars and an optimal shelf life.

Each of Krazy Cherry’s orchards is well maintained, in locations that were carefully chosen for their optimal growing conditions.

Our soil is tested consistently, our water is clean and all of our orchards are CanadaGAP Certified.  

Orchard Maintenance

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We specialize in cherries, but we also grow a variety of other delicious fruit such as pears, apples, plums, nectarines, peaches, berries and more.

While our cherries are available internationally, our other fruits are only available domestically and can be purchased in stores or at the popular Oliver Supermarket.

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