This family business was established when Gary and Nimmi migrated from India in the early 1990’s. Gary and Nimmi first moved to Vancouver then eventually to the Okanagan Valley, where they settled down in Oliver B.C. to start a business in agriculture — the thing they knew best.

While Gary and Nimmi had some experience in agriculture, their knowledge grew extensively over the next few years through dedication and hard work. As the years progressed, they acquired many orchards throughout the spectacular Okanagan Valley, growing and expanding their business.

In 2013, the couple installed a small cherry packing facility, which cooled the cherries and allowed them to be packed into boxes.

After a successful two years, they needed to expand the facility because the previous one no longer accommodated the amount of fruit as the production continued to grow.

With the help of their son Harman, Gary and Nimmi researched and explored many options that would allow them to pack the volume they required while achieving excellent quality.

They then installed a GP graders optical sizer and expanded to a state-of-the-art facility, which can pack large volumes and provide a finished product that can be sold domestically and in export markets.

The summer months are nothing but busy

Nimmi takes care of the fruit market in Oliver, while Gary overlooks the orchards’ operations. Their sons, Harman and Eiktaran, are in charge of the packing facility where cherries are received, processed and shipped domestically and internationally.

Harman, after completing his microbiology degree at UBC, has fully shifted his focus towards expanding and growing the family business to achieve excellence. He is now in charge of sales and operations, and ensuring that all customers are satisfied and delighted with their service and finished product — especially when it comes to their famous, enormous, juicy cherries. 

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